House rules

Scoring system

The algorithm for scoring a game first assigns each player a pre-score, based on their SC count at the end of the game and the last year played (or year of elimination for an eliminated player). The pre-scores are then scaled by a common factor so that the average score in each game is 50.00. The formula for the pre-score of a player is
3α((x - (σ - σm)/2 + 1) 2 - 1) + (1-α)(x2 + 3x + 5)
where x and σ denote the final and starting SC counts of the player, and σm the average starting SC count, all expressed as a fraction of the average number of SCs available per player in the variant. α is (3/4)^(#years played - 1).


A convoy is successful if there is at least one unbroken convoy for the army from its origin to its destination.

If a convoy paradox arises the convoyed army does not cut support given by a unit in the destination province to an attack on a fleet necessary for convoying the army.


Octarine: The starting units in Hung Hung and Terror Incognita are armies.

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