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Cambridge University Board Gaming and Diplomacy Society

Standard map Some of our games.

Diplomacy: the art of saying "Nice doggy"
until you can find a stick
– Wynn Catlin

The Society exists to play Avalon Hill's Diplomacy, a tactical board game, in addition to other board games. In Diplomacy, each of the seven players take the part of a Great Power at the start of the 20th Century: Austria-Hungary, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia or Turkey. The board is shown above.

Your aim is to become the dominant power in Europe. But to do this you will need to persuade – and sometimes deceive – your rivals into helping you achieve your military objectives. You are given three armed units to start with, each an army or a fleet. By annexing first neutral (yellow) territory, then that of your rivals, you gain more resources to construct new units.

Diplomacy can be played on any map, and we have a number representing different areas of the world in different historical periods. A more detailed outline of how the game works can be found here or on Wikipedia.

To get updated information about our meetings you can contact the committee at the email soc-dip-committee@lists.cam.ac.uk, or subscribe to our e-mail list.

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